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So- What's the best Rate?  Anatomy of a Rate Quote-  Banking Institutions
Retail Rates, Broker's/Brokerages whom are able to access a Bank's
wholesale rates work with a Banks  
Wholesale Rates & Correspondents/
Correspondent Lenders charge better than both!  

Richland Financial is unique because it can act as a Correspondent Lender for
best credit applicants and also as a Broker for less than perfect credit applicants!
With 100's of Lender contacts on their Brokerage side, there just are not many
deals they would not offer thru their vast lending resources,
"Just ASK!"

    Conventional Bank Financing       
    FHA/VA Approved

    "Hybrid" Sub-Prime                        
    Hard Money Lending   

     Reverse Mortgages for Retirees   
    Investor Financing

So what does this mean to You?

Richland Financial delivers.  We review your credit and suggest areas of improvement so that you enjoy the benefits of the highest scores you can qualify
for.  Then we match you with the programs that are tailored to your lifestyle and
discuss financial planning goals that can make a difference in your retirement, no
matter what your level of financial savvy is.  

Lending Consultants, Mortgage Planners, are just that, they "consult with you" on
your goals and retirement objectives they review with you what you can do to give
yourself more cash flow or for Conservative folks- how applying that extra cash
flow can reduce the number of years you'll pay for your home which can result in
faster payoff!  

We have charts and graphs that illustrate the difference managing your current
income can achieve over time and seeing is believing.  
Let us Show you how by
signing up for an interactive financial class or a one-on-one live desktop video

How would you like to spend the last 10 years or more putting a mortgage
payment per month in
your pocket not the lenders???  Debt-Free is attainable.  
Highly leveraged with cash in the bank can also be a better alternative for some...
allow us to show you how  approaches like these can payoff the mortgage and
get you debt-free in no time.

Why would you do that?

We don't promise you the rate before we review your documentation.  It's actually
dangerous as the person that tells you upfront what their rate for you is, without
supporting documentation is asking you to follow a carrot that just isn't there for
most of us!  Rates are a reflection of your ability to repay but they only get better
with very tight restrictions.  If in  underwriting, you apply for a particular program
or Loan-to-Value a "risk hit" could easily be charged, maybe your original income
is adjusted because they disallow a co-borrower's income or discount the Income
from a Rental because you show on your taxes a negative income on that rental
property... there are literally 100's of reason's that no deal is ever the same.  If a
Loan Officer doesn't know the details up front; then why are they giving you the
"yes" treatment?  Because they don't know any better?  Because they aren't any
more informed about financing than you are?  In any event dealing with people's
financial health is an issue that can make or break families lives if a mistake is
made, (you are seeing this in the latest Mortgage Meltdown), so let's get serious
and not shop for a mortgage like it's a commodity, it is not, it's a

Rather shop for a mortgage like you'd shop for a heart surgeon.  Look for
honesty, attitude, knowledge of programs available & the ability to answer the
phone when you have a question...and include chutzpa to persevere when the
lender says it can't be done this way or that.  Also, the intelligence to ask
questions & do the research, following up to make sure your closing takes place
on time.  

Look for the absolute qualities necessary to be a great Mortgage Planner!

Residential tends to deal with the Borrower's strength to repay the
loan (Debt Load), past history making other payments (Credit Issues)
& Appraisal of the property offered for (Collateral) to secure the loan
repayment, if foreclosure becomes a reality.

Some of the programs that offer varying degrees of "Options" to reveal or not
reveal a combination of the above "Underwriting building blocks" are listed in the
upper left-hand side of this page- & there are many variations in underwriting
methods even from one lender to another on the same program.  When a
Borrower decides on a program that is anything less than full disclosure the
lender will agree to over look the missing documentation, to a point.  

Sometimes they cap the amount you can borrow on your collateral.  Sometimes
they charge a little more in Interest Rate or maybe a payment upfront to offset the
risk-I call them "risk hits"  whether a loan officer tells you or not, they are there.
Some, just don't mention these things because they are hard to explain- instead
they choose from a menu of rates.  First you add up all the risk hits you collected,
then you look across at the rate you have to charge to get those risk hits paid by
the Lender for your Borrower.

Easy right?  No not really, it's the easy way out!  Let's fast forward 10 years, did
you know that your Interest rate still reflects the risk hits you allowed the lender to
fold into the loan?  Did you know you had a choice to pay them upfront?  Did you
know that if you chose to pay them upfront you'd be saving money for the
remainder of your loan starting with year #2?  If you own property and your loan
officer didn't review your options properly your going to be paying for your closing
costs to the lender every payment till you sell the property.  Even a modest $10
extra a month over 30 years amortized; well, it would be enough to take the cash
and buy a car (
-A very nice new one, for most of us).   

If you haven't read books like
"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" or "Think & Grow Rich" -
they are enlightening books & if nothing else they challenge you to make better
decisions about your future wealth in general.  For a great example, I'm sure
you've heard that once you drive a brand new car off the lot it's effectively lost a
substantial amount of value.  If you turned around and sold it back to the dealer
or anyone else you'd have to pay to get rid of it!  There are so many ways to
save money by investing it now so you've got more of it in the future.  Not getting
advisors to help you with the largest purchase anyone makes in their life time,
well I have to ask...

Why would anyone do that?
The contents of this editorial are purely an opinion and no decision's to buy or sell should be based solely upon one person's perspective but rather researched for one's self.

**Professional Realty Partners, Inc., Richland Financial & 1st Commercial Funding are separate business entities. Using the resources of one company does not imply use of
 Persons wishing to Buy or Sell Real Estate are encouraged to research and decide for themselves on using any company that  transacts business in the marketplace.  

What Richland Financial Offers our Clients:

++ FAST Pre-Approval            ++ QUICK Closings

++ Credit Review
   (with Recommendations to increase your scoring
                                            almost over night and sent to your e-mail Inbox!)

++ Financial Wealth Counseling
++ Mortgage Planning professionals
++ Processors with underwriting experience

and... an upfront Good Faith Estimate that we stand behind!
Professional Realty Partners, Inc.
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On Staff Residential Loan Originators
working for Richland Financial
an Illinois Residential Banker/Mortgage Brokerage

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Professional Realty Partners, Inc.
Realtors that maintain Residential Financing Certification also have their licenses for Financing
registered with

Richland Financial

Is an Illinois Residential Banker and Mortgage Broker Licensee and also maintains licenses in the States of
Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
& New York.

We are proud to maintain a relationship with Richland Financial which provides excellent service to our
Borrowers that are ready to Finance with

  • All types of credit situations
  • 100's of Lenders and Programs to fit the needs of the Client
  • Commitment to our Clients from start to finish

To Speak with a Residential Loan Officer call 888-698-6839 x1
Request a Callback from the first available Loan Officer
Latest Mortgage News:

Short Sales "were" leaving foreclosed on Homeowner’s “short”
a 2nd time!
Long awaited legislation has passed that allows a Homeowner; whom has sold
their home using a short sale transaction, (selling the home for less than the
mortgaged amount) to also forgive the tax debts created and payable to the
IRS on the forgiven amount. Debt Forgiveness will be honored up thru 2010 by
the IRS at this time.  The opportunity to settle debts with the lender without tax
consequences is a limited-time offer & although lender’s do not have to agree
to sell their collateral “short”-
the benefits to lender and homeowner can’t be
Types of Documentation Variations:

   Full documentation

   State the Income

   State the Assets

   State the Income and Assets

   No Documentation


   Bank Statement Income used
as Full Documentation

   No Appraisal- using online
valuation models instead

and the list goes on...
For More Information and Research

Use the Contact Us Page  for later review of your financing objectives or have a Loan Officer Call you Back.  

Refinancing- with Debt Consolidation, Early Payoff or Cash Flow development

Purchase Financing- A "Pre-Qualification" or an "Approval Subject to Appraisal"
for the proof of financing you want to have ready to go when you find your dream
home & you need the Sellers' confidence that you can "Close Quick" when your
offer is presented for acceptance!
So, go ahead and search for the home of your dreams at Professional Realty Partners, Inc.  
Get as educated as possible on the subject of the type of home you are looking for.  This
way when you do purchase your first home, you'll know the values of the properties in the
area compared to what you're buying, you'll have the best program for the plans you have
for your future and you'll be well off on your way to financial freedom thru property
 I think Congrats! would be in order!

                                                            Looking forward to hearing from you,
 The Professional Realty Partners team
Q & A page:

Do you know how to read a
Good Faith Estimate?

We can even use desktop sharing to help you
understand those line-by-line charges and why
they are there!

ask a Mortgage Planner to assist you on
ours or anyone else's estimate we appreciate
the opportunity to compare our rates against
other brokers!
Are you starting to worry about
how you will pay the Mortgage?
Get answers now before you need
Pre-foreclosure & Foreclosure Help!
HUD Press Release
Qualifications apply.  Conventional Rates are
directly tied to the Securitized Mortgage
Backed Bond Rates.  Pricing at the specific
time of locking into a specific program will lock
in the days rate for any program available on
that day. This is a Conventional Rate for 80%,
Owner Occupied, Fully documented loan files
with credit scores that meet the lenders
requirements!  This is not an offer to lend!  
However, this Price Quote is designed to offer
enough information to see what programs are
available as a starting point for discussion and
with a credit report can be the basis for the
actual writing of a loan package to be
underwritten and submitted for an approval.
Rates are on the move- Qualify for your Rate- today!
Rates are under 5%
Rates under 5%
for 30 year

There's never
been a better