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Financial Calculators
In this case, let's not reinvent the wheel-

There is more to knowing  the payment you will be responsible for...

These calculators are designed to help you with the Financial aspect of owning a home!

Our Loan Originators are aware of Financial Planning techniques and some are actually "CMPS" Certified Mortgage Planning Specialists
that take an active role is making sure you are aware of how to do a mortgage transaction that benefits a homeowner..

Another great resource of "Calculators" are also located on
The Motley Fool web calculator page
on the calculators page scroll down to the "HOME" paragraph- there are many types of helpful calculators that can help you make your own
decisions on making
extra payments, paying discount points to lower the interest rate, debt consolidation-if you enjoy getting informative
answers- take a look!

Then contact a
Richland Mortgage Professional
we will help fine tune and answer any questions about making the right mortgage choices for you.
Calculators- that calculate more than just your mortgage payment!
Financial Calculators
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Financial Calculators:
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Some Calculators give you an answer but you will ask yourself what is the point???

For those harder answers we have interactive calculator presentations that allow you to
ask questions in real time so you get that all important information in real time that is
explained to you, so you understand it!

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        How to Tip:

Taxable Gain on 1031 Exchanges

How to Calculate the Gain:

To calculate taxable gain, a
property seller should begin with
the price of the relinquished
property and then subtract the
adjusted basis of the property.
This amount is the realized gain.
The adjusted basis is the
purchase price of the relinquished
property plus any capital
improvements to the property,
less any depreciation. The basis
amount carries over to become
the basis of the replacement

While 1031 exchanges cannot be
used for residential property that
is used as a primary residence or
a vacation home that is used by
the owners for more than 14 days
per year, it provides a great
strategy for deferring taxes on
highly depreciated properties.