Basic Items to have for a Loan Application or Over-the-phone Review

                                                                                     Purchases Only
                                                                                         Contract for Purchase/Sale
                                                                                         Earnest Money Receipt- with front and back of check
                                                                                         howing cashed
                                                                                         All Parties Contact Information- Atty’s, Realtor’        
                                                                                         Along with the documents below:

All “Fully documented” Loan Applications

Last 2 yrs.-        ___ W-2’s or 1099’s  &  ___ Tax Returns

Last Month’s Worth of  ___ Paycheck Stubs

Last 2 month’s of ___ Bank Statements and then prepare to give the most current just prior to closing
___ Creditor’s Contact & Loan Payment Statement’s on other loans (car, boat, personal loans, Credit
___  Last 12 mos. Cancelled checks for Rental or Mortgage proof of payments on time (front and back)

___ Driver’s License and ___ Social Security Card for all parties qualifying on the Loan Application.

If Necessary:

___  Recent Divorce decree if necessary to prove whom is responsible for Joint accounts which are no
  Longer joint- and Evidence of Alimony or Child Support, if necessary

___  Business Tax Return’s and  ___ Certified P&L stmt. if Self-employed

Please fax a copy of these documents to (847) 803-8709

Encompass has an uploadable secured emailing feature to it –if we send you the invitation to upload forms and

** Regular emailing is allowed but
ONLY if the file is as a “.PDF secured file” with a security password ONLY  & ONLY after you have spoken to a Lending Representative.  
Please put the Rep’s. contact name as the  “Subject”  of your message for fastest processing turntime.

** Keep in mind-if your personal information goes thru regular emailing channels without password-secured protection -
anyone can intercept it!

This Page can be printed for ease of use.                           
 The Professional Realty Partners Team
                                                                                                                             Richland Mortgage Lending Specialists


talk with a Lending Rep. or Help Desk Operator,
if you are not sure of how to transfer these
documents SECURELY!