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Good Neighbor Next Door Program

                Perfect for Teachers, Firefighters and Police Officers

 HUD offers a substantial incentive in the form of a discount of 50% from the list price of the home

                                      You must commit to live there for at least 3 years
                                      Must be located in a revitalization area


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The timing couldn't be better!  If
you are in the market for a
property ...

Reasons to purchase now?

  •  Lending Programs-
    harder to get/find

  •  Inflation will drive    
    Interest Rates UP!

  •  Plenty of Inventory

  •  Seller's will work  
    deals to move to a
    moderately priced
    30 year mortgage!

  •  Credit Review for  
    Strengthening Credit  
    Scores is more
    important than ever!

What else can I do?

  • Get your Credit
    Reviewed, find out what
    you can do to get your
    score into the most
    optimum range possible!

  • Have your debts worked  
    on to help you discover
    how you can  use a
    home to it's best weath
    generating potential

  • Call our Mortgage
    Planners to help you
    really prepare for Home
    Ownership -"Knowledge
    + Actions = Power!"
Current Interest Rates are back at 2 year LOW's  (UNDER 5% Conventional)
If you have a
current interest
rate of 5.5% or
more - it's time
to cash in!
Make the call
... From a Conventional Lender as of 12/10/2008

- Applicants who have had more than three inquiries on their credit report within
past 90 days are ineligible for financing.

- Properties listed for sale by the current owner within 90 days of the application
date are ineligible for collateral for any non-purchase transactions (ie- refinancing).

Lenders are clamping down again!  
Be sure to consult with a professional before
you make decisions on your housing!
Mortgage Insurance
payments are going to be
allowed on purchases
made starting 2007 as a
tax deductible item in 2007!

Check with your Tax
Preparer to make sure
your Mortgage Insurance
payments are reflected on
your tax returns for the
coming year taxable 2007.
Check here for calculations
with/without "
PMI" & see the
overall advantages!
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