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Mortgage Planning 101
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Mortgage Planning is a Specialty niche within the Banking Community

What Mortgage Planners do not do?

We are not Tax Consultants

We are not Financial Consultants

We are not CPA's (Certified Public Accountants)

We do not do windows...

What do Mortgage Planners do?

We are Consultants that analyze the total financial picture to see where we can help a client maximize Retirement Savings  

We discover actual blended Interest Rates our client pays out on Credit Debts & analyse benefits of debt reallocation
over short term and long term.  Using software that calculates Cost vs. Benefit, Break Even & anticipated Tax Benefits.

We check this against possible favorable Interest Rate Payments and outline ways to utilize real estate mortgage
financing and Real Estates' Tax Benefits to the benefit of the client...

 Shift Debt load from non-tax deductible to a Tax Deductible interest payment load
 Increasing tax deductibility via the usage of your Real Estate's Cash out financing power
 Invest interest savings in vehicles that earn a better rate of return than the current cost of borrowed monies.
CMPS designation-
Certified Mortgage
Planning Specialist

High or Low
Net Worth individuals
can take advantage of
the added Savings!
Financial Planning begins
with your largest tax
deductible investments -

Real Estate and the resulting
Mortgage - you should have
working for you!

Buying a Home
isn't all you do with it...

you are just getting started!!
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